What is split cylindrical roller bearing

The split cylindrical roller bearing is a special type of bearing, and its structure is different from other bearings. It consists of two half-shafts, each of which is equipped with a cylindrical roller bearing, and the two cylindrical roller bearings are connected together by a central sleeve. The main feature of this bearing is that it can be separated, that is, the two half shafts can rotate relative to each other, thereby realizing the separation of the motion pair.
Split cylindrical roller bearings have many advantages. First of all, due to its separate structure, it is very convenient to install and disassemble, and only two half shafts need to be close to form a complete bearing. Secondly, the bearing capacity is very large and can withstand high radial and axial loads. In addition, it also has good rotation accuracy and stability, which can meet the requirements of high precision and high speed rotation.
Split cylindrical roller bearings are widely used in many fields. For example, in heavy equipment such as large machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, etc., such bearings are widely used in support and transmission parts to ensure efficient operation and long-term service life of the equipment. In addition, split cylindrical roller bearings have also been widely used in high-speed motorized spindles, precision machine tools, aerospace and other fields.
In short, split cylindrical roller bearing is a special bearing type with unique structure and advantages, and has a wide range of applications in many fields. Its emergence provides a more efficient, stable and accurate support and transmission solution for mechanical equipment.

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